The SKODA Yeti

“Hello, it’s Mr…(let’s say, Spooner) we’re back at Gatwick and you have our white Yoda Sketi, we’ll be back soon to collect it”

That’s how a recently mis-dialled call to my desk went…I acknowledged the message and passed it on to the reception desk at APH Gatwick, which was the intended recipient.  Oddly, perhaps, I understood that this was nothing to do with the Jedi and I could picture the exact car.  A few days earlier I had test driven a white SKODA Yeti, a diesel 4×4 version (that’s right, some models are not 4×4).  It is a very accomplished and practical car with great build quality, rugged, understated styling and a go anywhere, in any conditions, drivetrain.

I really enjoyed driving the car and began to understand why it is so popular with so many people.  Rather than the ungainly over styling of some crossovers, the Yeti is simplicity itself; some might think boxy, but I like the look.

Top Gear loved the car and I now know why.  Looks especially good in white!

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