SKODA Octavia

Gatwick to Stansted and back at 60MPG!  Not bad for a 5 door family 1.6 diesel with a 7 speed DSG box; not bad at all.

The new Octavia is quite a package, especially, in my view, when it comes with the VW group’s brilliant auto gearbox.  At the touch of the gear stick you can select full auto Sport and Economy modes as well as clutch-less manual changes if you feel so inclined.  I stuck mostly with the economy mode and this proved more than capable for the busy M25/M11 route between airports.  The resultant MPG was surprising good.

This was a well equipped car, with Sat Nav, full auto air con, reversing sensors and all the other gadgets you’d expect.

Build quality is easily up to the usual SKODA standard; a standard which is winning business from drivers of some unexpected marques.  Savvy, value- seeking motorists seem to be switching from more traditional luxury brands and as a result SKODA has seen good share growth in recent years.  SKODA’s tend to be a bit larger than the equivalent from other VW group badges; this one has an especially large boot, accessed as though it’s a hatchback, even though it looks like a saloon car.

The new Octavia offers a lot for the money and is well worth a test drive.

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