Skoda Fabia review

When I was told I would be reviewing a Skoda, I wasn’t so sure it was my type of car. I will admit I had a pre-conceived idea of it being a brand most suited for older people – how wrong I was!

My first impressions of the Skoda Fabia were very positive! Its black roof and window pillars are a different look to anything else I have seen on the market at the moment and it certainly stands out amongst other small cars.

On getting into the car I was surprised again. Although looking compact from the outside, the interior is surprisingly spacious. When I commented on this, our Skoda man Nick informed me they had added 47mm in height to the new Fabia – not a big amount but certainly enough to make a difference. In the back, there is plenty of room also and would definitely fit at least 2 tall adults comfortably. The dashboard and radio controls are quite basic in black but still smart looking and featuring your expected mod cons including air conditioning.

Driving wise, it feels very sturdy and even at higher speeds on the motorway felt very well put – together and I couldn’t feel the wind resistance affecting the drive as I have noticed in some other smaller models such as in the Clio I own. It was quicker than I expected too for just a 1.2 litre engine and handled corners and bends well.

Overall, I would recommend the Skoda Fabia for anyone who is looking for a smaller car with good looks and a powerful yet small engine!

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