SKODA Citigo Review

As winner of the Auto Express Car of the Year in 2012 and the What Car? Best City Car in 2013, amongst other accolades, I was keen to test drive the SKODA Citigo to see what award-winning qualities it had to offer above and beyond other small cars.

Overall I was impressed with the SKODA Citigo – the exterior appearance of the car may not be to everyone’s tastes, but inside, the simple dashboard layout and the sporty styling of the seats, gear stick, hand brake and steering wheel with red stitching on a dark background were appealing!

Some people may want more gadgets, but for me, the simplicity was a part of the appeal of the Citigo. There were no fancy gadgets to work out before I could drive away – it was an easy car to just get in and drive with no instruction manual needed!

I found the car comfortable to drive – the gear change was smooth, there was good visibility and the sport style seats meant that I was really comfortable whilst driving. The steering was light and the car seemed to glide over every bump in the road with ease – a very smooth drive! As the Citigo only has a 1 litre engine, I expected it to be quite slow, but I found it to be a nippy little car and handled driving around town with ease!

As I have driven a few other small cars in the past, the Citigo had a lot to live up to, however it compared favourably to the other cars I’ve driven. With low road tax, an economical engine and easy driving, this is an undoubtedly a great choice of small car!

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