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SEAT Mii – Small, practical and affordable

To be honest, every time I have walked past a SEAT Mii, I’ve thought of it as just a car, nothing more, and nothing less. Something you sit in to take you to A to B with no fuss and no hassle. In some respects, it is exactly that, but it’s the first SEAT I have driven in a while which has a little character about it. This surprised me.

From driving other previous models of smaller car, like the VW Fox, Renault Twingo, first generation Ford Ka, there is always that sense that you are driving something that is the size of your shoe which it not so much the care about the Mii. It is actually quite roomy inside. Don’t get me wrong, would I like to travel from London to Scotland in the back of one, no thanks, but for the purpose of what these small cars are designed, it fits the bill pretty well.

Build quality is neat and tidy, everything feels like it has been put together well with no rattles or shaking when hitting bumps or when keeping momentum through a corner (something I will come back to later). This little car, even after less than an hour of driving, could win me over here…

The engine in this model is a 1.0, 3 cylinder, 3 valves per cylinder 60PS on paper seems again to fit the city car criteria well. It won’t be setting any land speed records any time soon but it has enough poke to get you into trouble if you wished. It was actually quite difficult to keep it at 30mph with the gearing set up, always found myself travelling at 40mph. Tax band B costing you £20 for 12 months road tax. It has got a tiny fuel tank of only 35 litres but with a combined average of around 62.8mpg, the little tank would have enough scope to take you roughly 480 miles from full until empty. Impressive!

A point I made earlier about momentum, how is it to drive? It feels very frugal and nimble. It has poise and doesn’t make you feel like you are about to fall over while going round a corner. The seats are supportive, the driving position is ok, however, I would have liked to have seat height adjustment just too fine tune the position. One point following on from this is you have to duck down to see what speed you are travelling at as the top of the steering wheel covers the speedo. Not a massive issue, but I don’t think Mr Police officer would accept this as an excuse! Now, back to momentum: For such a small engine, don’t expect it to throw you back into your seat, excuse the pun, but you can still find yourself grinning! If you set yourself up in the correct position on the road you’ll find yourself with a big smile on your face and thinking, I want to do that again! It gives a responsive and direct feel, the steering isn’t too light or heavy and it’s genuinely a nice place to be.

Summary of the SEAT Mii:

It’s a little like the TV adverts where it does exactly what it says on the tin. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than it is which can fault a lot of cars these days. For city driving, perfect, easy to drive, great turning circle, cheap to run. For long runs, would rather be the driver than a passenger but I thinks that more personal preference! A great little car for the money and for the correct usage.

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