Seat Leon – The car that has it all!

I choose to review the Seat Leon – it is a more powerful car than I am used to driving, but not too intimidating. I also really like the new shape which looks modern and appealing to younger drivers. The FR is a sporty version with a 2.0 litre diesel engine and double exhaust, so it had more power than I was expecting and I really had to watch my speed as it was so easy to go fast!

The interior of the car is smart and sporty; suede leather sports seats with red stitching, which were both comfortable and stylish, a flat bottomed steering wheel and lots of different buttons and gadgets to improve the driving experience – although some of them just kept me guessing!

SEAT Leon Touchscreen Display
The car has a touch-screen infotainment system positioned at the top of the fascia, which is very cool! Different screen options include Radio, Sat Nav, Traffic reports, Vehicle status (which was handy as it told me the windscreen washer fluid level was low) Phone, and Voice. It was easy to work out and even sensed when my hand was about to touch the screen, when extra menus appeared at the top and bottom of the display! Very clever and user friendly.

There is a smaller display between the rev counter and speedometer which shows  other useful information like the compass direction the car is travelling in, time, the gear you are in (and should be in) and the connection to your phone (if you have it set up).  This display was also handy as it showed if any of the car doors had been left open.

Although it’s not a huge car (which makes parking manageable), there was plenty of room inside to take passengers and it is generous with leg room. It felt spacious inside but from the outside looked like a great medium sized vehicle.

The steering wheel had different buttons on to control the radio and for answering phone calls. The front arm rest and dual-zone climate control make the car very comfortable to drive and even though I’m only 5 foot 4, I didn’t have any issues with visibility or getting into a good driving position.

I would definitely recommend the new Seat Leon; it’s a great looking car with a lot of power behind it and it’s comfortable to drive. It was a very smooth drive and has some really funky features and gadgets that make the car fun and appealing to a range of drivers.

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