Ibiza Toca Review – Sporty and Stylish

I was very excited when I heard I would be reviewing the Ibiza Toca. It’s a sleek, sporty car which I had been eyeing up every time I walked past the showroom – and it certainly didn’t disappoint when I took it home.

My first impression of the car was how stylish it was. Its smooth lines and daring rear styling made it lovely to look at and my friends all commented on what a good looking car it was! Inside, the car is just as chic. The dashboard lighting is subtle white text on a black ground – a very classy, clean look indeed which is continued through the interior with the leather steering wheel and gear stick, and lovely lighter material on the seats.

Driving wise, I was just as impressed. Its 1.4 Litre engine had a lot more power than I was expecting, and when I was let loose on the motorway, it was quick to thrash through the gears and pick up speed without losing the smoothness of the drive I experienced going at slower speeds. The Toca’s sharp steering also added to the fun – its quick reactions made it great fun for weaving in and out of the local town centre traffic!

Another plus, was how spacious the car was. With plenty of room in the back and boot, and adjustable split folding rear seats it was perfect for me and my friend to get all our shopping in after a very successful day in town – similarly this space would make it perfect as a small family car too!

Overall, I really enjoyed driving the Ibiza Toca, it turned heads with its stylish body but there was more substance to it than just good looks alone – it’s a fun sporty drive.

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