Fun in the sun with Fiat’s 500C

When I was asked if I wanted to test drive the Fiat 500c for the week I jumped at the chance! After learning to drive a few years ago in the standard model when BSM used them as there learner cars, I was keen to see what changes had been made.

At first glance, the Fiat 500c looks like its hard top counterpart – however on taking a closer look you can see the soft top which stretches from the top of the windscreen to the boot of the car. I was lucky enough to test drive the car when we had a week of good weather, and this soft roof quickly became my favourite feature! You can either have the roof right back, or stop it wherever you want on the way, so on greyer days so typical of the UK climate you can have the feel of driving a convertible without the chill!

The shape and styling of the car is delightfully retro – its bubble like body and curvy lines make for a pretty cute looking car! My car was in a gun-metal grey colour, as unfortunately the pink one I was scheduled to borrow had a new owner already (unsurprisingly due to its massive girly appeal!). Still, the car was certainly pleasing on the eye and I was envy of my friends for the week whilst I had it.

Inside of the car, the dashboard is body coloured and luxurious. Built to a high spec and with a cream leather interior, it was certainly a joy to spend time in the car. It was also surprisingly roomy – at 5ft 10 it’s not always so easy to get in and out of smaller cars, but i had no problem with the deceptively spacious fiat. Boot space was a slight drawback, although big enough to fit a few bits in, I’m not sure how well it would fair after a day of shopping with lots of bags to squeeze in!

Driving wise, the car was certainly quicker than I expected when I heard of its 900cc TwinAir engine. It’s very light and therefore steering is easy and direct. Its compact size makes it agile and overall it was great fun to drive… Especially with the roof down and music playing on a nice day! If I could change one thing on the car, it would be to make the rear windscreen bigger as visibility through it is not great with the roof up – however the parking sensors soon put me at ease when in reverse as a failsafe if I missed anything behind me!

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in the Fiat 500c and would certainly be tempted to buy one of my own! So when summer finally arrives properly, you may well see me driving around in a new Fiat 500c!

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