peeves of driving

Top 10 pet peeves of driving!

At CDG we love to drive; there’s not much better in this world than cruising in your car with your windows down, the sun shining and the birds singing… but hang on, what’s that coming towards you? You can’t quite make it out through the fog light glare, you think it’s going straight over as there’s no indication but then bang! Your day is ruined by a careless driver.

peeves of driving

Hitting the open road is a source of stress for many…

A study from the Institute of Advanced Motorists found that a third of UK drivers no longer enjoy taking to the road. This could be because sometimes on the UK’s clogged up roads even the simplest journey can feel like a gruelling battle; as other drivers infuriating bad habits send you into a spin.

If this is you, take a deep breath and read on; as we’ve compiled all your top driving bugbears, so you can have a cleansing rant and get on with your day…

1. Not indicating

peeves of driving

Indicators: generally found on all cars

It’s amazing how many super smart cars these days don’t come with indicators, or so you’d think! Why such a simple thing is so widely ignored is enough to send us Brits round the bend! Indicating makes the road a better, safer place; it means you can judge what other drivers are doing and speeds up decisions at junctions.  There’s no excuse for this bad behaviour.

2. Tailgating

Not only is this an intimidating and aggressive way to drive; it’s also incredibly dangerous. It takes over 90 meters to stop when you’re driving at 70 mph, that’s longer then the length of Big Ben, so why do some drivers think it’s acceptable to drive inches from your bumper?  Until they invent telepathy, there’s not much you can do about this dangerous driver except hope that the next time they hover at a bumper, it belongs to an unmarked police car.

3. Leaving fog lights on

peeves of driving

Fog lights should only be used when visibility is down to 100 meters or less

This is not only incredibly annoying, but also quite dangerous. Forgetting to turn off your fog lights or switching them on when not needed, could land you with a fine if spotted by the police. Rear fog lights make it harder to spot brake lights; front fog lights can dazzle oncoming cars and vehicles that are following.  Flash your foggy friend and they’ll soon get the message.

4. Hogging the centre lane

Frustrating because it is so easy to remedy; how often have you wanted to lean out the window and scream ‘move over’ to a driver stuck in the middle lane for no good reason! These people seem to have no concept of what the inside lane is for; they join the motorway, pull into the centre and just stick there for the rest of their journey; no matter how heavy or light the traffic is. It’s enough to drive you crazy! The good news is that the police are cracking down on this kind of careless driving and can now issue on the spot fines to lane offenders.

5. Queue jumping

peeves of driving

Queuing: fun for everyone!

We’ve all been there; the traffic slows as a lane is closing, and everyone moves over and forms a nice neat line, edging slowly forward to get through the block. Everyone that is, apart from Mr Speedster. Obviously far more important than the rest of us, this joker comes whizzing up the now empty lane and pushes in at the front; causing tailbacks and congestion.  We’re not sure why their time is more precious than the rest is ours, but no doubt they’ll force their way in, or get aggressive if no one will let them.

6. No appreciation

So you’ve been nice enough to let the aforementioned queue jumper push his way in, and what do you get for your kindness? A small gesture of thanks? Any kind of acknowledgement? No; you get nothing. Not saying thank you to fellow road users is one of the top reasons we get so filled with rage when driving.  A small wave when someone lets you out, a flash of headlights or a blink of your hazards; it takes nothing to make someone feel appreciated and ease the anger!

7. Driving at 40mph, everywhere!

Oblivious to the general flow of traffic on a motorway, or 30 mph zones in towns and villages, this driver has their dial stuck on 40 and won’t speed up or slow down for anyone.  Dodgy on the motorway; they cause tailbacks and frustration, especially when combined with number 4 on our list, and downright dangerous in urban areas where children play and pedestrians go about their business.

8. Litter bugs

peeves of driving

Litter belongs in a bin

That feeling of rage; when you are following a car and recoil in horror as they dump their litter out of their window. There is no excuse for a lazy litter bug who has little consideration for anyone else, and feels it’s ok to just dump their drink cans and food wrappers as and when they please. Bin it; that is all.

9. Dozy dawdlers

It must be nice to live in a world where time is of no importance, and driving about the countryside is like floating on a cloud; with no consequences and no one else to worry about. Not like the rest of us, who have to follow these daydreaming dilly-dalliers after they pull out in front of us on an otherwise empty road, or sit in the middle of two lanes at a junction, or take up two; sometimes three parking spaces in a packed car park. Infuriating!

10. Dialling & driving

You’d think that the fact that talking on your mobile and driving is illegal would put people off; but sadly this is not the case. It’s enraging when you see a driver on their phone; so distracted that they seem to have lost all concentration and awareness. Put the phones down people! That call can wait. Or just get yourself a hands free kit and your problems are over.

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