Throwback Thursday – Crawley Down Group 1947

After the war, new cars were in short supply! Up until the late 1950s, when a dealer sold a new car the customer would have to sign a covenant agreement and agree not to sell the car on for at least 12 months. Crawley Down Group had to keep in touch with all customers who had signed a covenant and make sure they were keeping up their end of the deal.
Our proprietor Bertie Voller, remembers saying to his father in the late 1940s, ‘this is a hard way to earn a living’ and the reply was ‘one day you will have more cars than you can sell’. This to a young Bertie was like someone telling him one day sweets would be off the rationing. However, today at Crawley Down Group this can be the case! Bertie Voller Senior was certainly onto something!


The original covenant agreements dating back to 1947


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