Summer road trip essentials

Summer road trip essentials

School’s out and the sun is shining; it’s the best time of the year, and the open road offers a summer of adventures with your family; you could be relaxing on the beach, playing in the park or wandering up mountains; the possibilities are endless…

Summer road trip essentials

Pack up the car and get out of town!

Family days out are what summer was made for; piling into the car for an exciting road trip at a moment’s notice can be fun and exhilarating – forgetting to pack a number of all-important items however, can really put a damper on your day. Stay ahead of the pack and make the most of the holidays, thanks to CDG’s summer road trip essentials!

1. Sat nav 

Summer road trip essentials

Arguments over directions are the quickest way to spoil a day; get yourself a satnav and those rows could become a distant memory! Don’t forget to pack yourself a good old fashioned paper map too though, as technology has its bad days, just like us…

TomTom sat nav with UK & western Europe maps £118.99


2. Snacks and water bottles

Pile the car high with snacks; having something to munch on could come in really handy if you get stuck in traffic, get yourself lost, or nothing is open once you hit your destination.

3. Pillows and blankets

Summer road trip essentials

Comfy kids = quiet kids!

Getting comfy in the car is the key to a successful day out. Bring some pillows for the kids so they can lounge in the back and make themselves at home, saving you from answering their myriad of questions. Popping a few blankets in isn’t a bad idea either; they can double up as picnic rugs should you find a piece of deserted paradise to picnic in.

4. Camera

Summer road trip essentials

Smartphones have pretty decent cameras these days, but packing a separate camera means you can get some higher res pics and save your phone battery for when you really need it!

Canon IXUS 150 £89.00


5. In-car phone charger

Summer road trip essentials

For when you really need a phone but you’ve spent all day snapping pictures of the amazing day you’re having, and your phone battery is running on empty.

PowerGen Dual USB charger £5.99




6. Cooler packed full of treats

Summer road trip essentials

Picnicking is the only way to do a summer day out; a day out at the beach wouldn’t be the same without sand covered sandwiches. Fill a cool box with lunchtime treats and save yourself cash when it comes to eating out.

Coleman cooler £15.22



7. Travel mug

Summer road trip essentials

Keep your spirits and energy levels up; pack a travel mug so you can enjoy a reviving coffee while you’re on the move.

Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug £15.00






8. Distractions for back seat passengers

Summer road trip essentials


Investing in an iPad or portable DVD player really could save your day; distracted kids are happy kids, so bring along lots of music, toys, games and even some books on tape to help soothe their curious minds and lull them into perfectly behaved passengers!

iPad Mini from £319


9. Sun cream

This goes without saying; don’t leave home without decent sun cream.

10. Towel

Handy not only for lounging on the beach and impromptu swims; but also for getting sand and dirt off little feet before they clamber back into the car.

11. Ball games

Summer road trip essentials

More distraction techniques; packing a Frisbee or a ball is a great way to get the kids active and keep them happy for hours.

12. First aid kit

Summer road trip essentials

Accidents happen, so having a first aid kit packed with a few essentials is never going to be a bad idea. We suggest keeping one in your car at all times, as you never know when you might need it!

Boots Travel First Aid Kit £11.99



13. Antibacterial hand gel

Summer road trip essentials

A must have for impromptu breaks at questionable public toilets.

Carex Hand Gel £1.45






14. Torch

Summer road trip essentials

Could be a life saver if you break down in the dark or something you urgently need rolls under a seat!

Super-Bright LED Torch £8.95




15. Roadside assistance

Don’t be the family stuck at the side of the road in, waiting for the rain to pass as your car coughs its way to a stop. Invest in some breakdown cover just in case your car does have a hiccup so you can sit back and relax while someone else takes care of the problem. The AA or RAC both offer great cover.

Summer road trip essentials

Before you go:

Carry out a few basic checks on your car before setting off; these could save you from frustrating delays caused by breakdowns or even accidents.

  • Check tyre tread and pressure
  • Check oil level
  • Check water or engine coolant level
  • Check wiper blades and screen wash level


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