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The fabric skinned BMW Gina concept

Concept cars Vs reality

By Pete Barden • July 25th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Concept cars… are they merely the result of a boozy lunch or do they really help form the future of motoring? We look at concept cars that became reality and compare the final production car with the original designer’s ideas. If you’re a follower of motor shows...

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Get the apps you need for school holiday trips

Best driving apps for school holidays 2014

By Pete Barden • July 17th, 2014 • (0 comments)

The school holidays are about to start, so prepare for the traditional backseat standards of ‘are we there yet’ and ‘mum… I need a wee’. Don’t panic, though, here’s the Crawley Down Group’s guide to summer holiday driving apps to ensure your kids don?..

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German Grand Prix

Get set for the German Grand Prix

By Allie • July 15th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Old rivalries It’s nearly time for another exciting Grand Prix, and following on from his recent home triumph at Silverstone, Lewis Hamilton is firmly back in the title race and will be looking for a win this weekend at the German Grand Prix, to keep him in the game...

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Jaguar XK.. drop-top motoring at its best

Going topless in 2014… convertible buying guide

By Pete Barden • July 9th, 2014 • (0 comments)

It’s summer, so our minds turn to just one thing… buying a convertible. Should you take the plunge and go topless this year? Here’s the Crawley Down Group’s essential guide to drop-top motoring....

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get caravanning with CDG

Get caravanning with CDG!

By Allie • July 8th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Gone are the days when trailing a caravan behind you meant being buffeted by passing HGVs, all the way to a windy week in wales… Modern caravans are stylish, streamlined and open up a world of possibilities! When you’re towing your home away from home, you can poi...

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Motability CDG

Motability: Get mobile with CDG

By Allie • July 1st, 2014 • (0 comments)

Successfully running since 1978, the Motability scheme is looked after by Motability; a national charity that raises funds and provides financial aid to customers, helping them find their perfect mobility solution. Since its creation, Motability has helped over 3 mill...

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Lewis Hamilton presses the flesh at Goodwood FoS

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014… round-up

By Pete Barden • June 30th, 2014 • (0 comments)

The Goodwood Festival of Speed might be over for another year, but with exhaust fumes still lingering over the Sussex Downs, we look back at the best of this year’s hi-octane romp through the ages of motor sport. Once again, the must-go event for petrolheads and fas...

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Glastonbury Festival... but will it rain for 2014?

UK festival guide 2014

By Pete Barden • June 25th, 2014 • (0 comments)

The sun’s here, so pack your tent, jump in your car and head to one of the many festivals the UK has to offer. Find the event for you with The Crawley Down Group‘s 2014 Festival Guide. Here are some of the best festivals on offer – along with some ha...

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Live from the Goodwood Festival of Speed

By Pete Barden • June 25th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Welcome to our live coverage from day 1 of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where we’ll be reporting direct from the the site throughout the day. We’ll be bringing you the best of the action and unique atmosphere from this most-iconic of motor sport-inspire...

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