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Even families can 'downsize' their car - and bills

Downsize your car and bills – not your fun

By Pete Barden • September 18th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Are you joining the rush to downsize your life? From environmental to financial, the reasons for reining in the excesses of the ’90s and noughties are clear to see – so let’s take a look at what’s sitting on your drive and the options to downsize your car…...

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goodwood revival

Goodwood Revival 2014

By Allie • September 9th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Get your glad rags on; it’s time for Goodwood Revival! The glamorous days of racing gone-by are on show this weekend at Goodwood Revival; a three day spectacular in the heart of Sussex that celebrates all things motor racing from 1948 to 1966; when Goodwood was ...

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best used cars for uni students

Best used cars for uni students

By Allie • September 3rd, 2014 • (0 comments)

September sees a whole new set of teenagers heading off to work and play at university… If you’re already feeling the strain of being your soon-to-be student offspring’s only source of transport and dreading the ferrying back and forth to uni, let alone...

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Phaeton makeover – 10 years younger, for cars?

By Nick Caunter • August 29th, 2014 • (0 comments)

According to Wikipedia, a Phaeton ‘is the early nineteenth-century term for a sporty open carriage drawn by a single horse or a pair of horses, typically with four extravagantly large wheels, very lightly sprung, with a minimal body, that was fast and dangerous....

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guide to alternative fuels

CDG’s guide to alternative fuels

By admin • August 28th, 2014 • (0 comments)

From electricity to biodiesel; we bring you the low down on the fuels of the future… The way we fuel our cars is changing; with C02 emissions playing havoc with the environment and oil on a slow and steady decline; alternative fuels may provide the answer to lowerin...

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UK Tax Disc

Road tax changes 2014 – how they affect you

By Pete Barden • August 21st, 2014 • (11 comments)

The tax disc is about to leave your vehicle. From October 1, the vehicle excise duty you pay will fade from its current physical rendering to nothing but an obscure digital record on an anonymous Government database. You’ll no longer be required to display a tax dis...

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Summer road trip essentials

Summer road trip essentials

By Allie • August 12th, 2014 • (0 comments)

School’s out and the sun is shining; it’s the best time of the year, and the open road offers a summer of adventures with your family; you could be relaxing on the beach, playing in the park or wandering up mountains; the possibilities are endless… Family days o...

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Find out which pump you should be heading for

Petrol or diesel… what’s right for you?

By Pete Barden • August 1st, 2014 • (0 comments)

Buying a new car? You know what make and model you want, but should it come in petrol or diesel flavour? Here’s all the information you need to make the right choice for you… With superior fuel economy and lower car tax liability, diesel cars might seem the ob...

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parking nightmares

Top ten parking nightmares

By Allie • July 30th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Driving might be a fun way to get about, but the nightmare that occurs once you have reached your destination might be enough to make you wish you’d caught the bus; that’s right, we’re talking about the horror of parking! It seems to be getting harder and harder...

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