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driving home for Christmas

Driving home for Christmas

By Allie • December 10th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Christmas is about spending time with your beloved family; but unfortunately for some, that means a hefty drive on hazardous roads, at one of the busiest traffic times of the year. On average, Brits travel over 200 miles during the Christmas period; so if you’re mak...

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gadgets for mobile workers

Top gadgets for mobile workers

By Allie • November 26th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Mobile working is becoming increasingly common and with technology advancing at quite a pace, working on the move has never been easier. If you are one of the thousands of Brits whose office is their car, you might find you are in need of a little gadgetry assistance ...

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Don't be a victim of bad weather this winter

Winter driving and how to keep moving

By Pete Barden • November 24th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Winter is coming and we can expect anything from several foot of snow to the same in flood water. The question is, though, are you able to keep your family rolling if the worst happens? Here’s the Crawley Down Group’s guide to driving this winter....

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winter car care

Winter car care – get your car ready for the big freeze

By Allie • November 11th, 2014 • (0 comments)

The leaves are falling, the skies are blackening; there’s no use denying it any longer, winter is well on its way. With the colder weather comes the joy of icy roads, frosty mornings and bucket loads of rain; all of which can play havoc with your cars health, and co...

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penalty points

Traffic offences and penalty points – get the facts

By Allie • October 29th, 2014 • (5 comments)

Every year police in England and Wales deal with more than six million road traffic offences; ranging from minor infractions to serious offences. Make sure you stay in the know, and keep on the right side of the law with our guide to motoring offences in the UK and th...

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caught speeding

Caught in a flash – what happens when you’re caught speeding

By Allie • October 15th, 2014 • (8 comments)

You’re driving in a new area, distracted by rowdy kids in the back seat, or singing along to the radio; in your rear view you see a sickening flash and realise with a sinking feeling that you’ve been caught by a speed camera…  No matter how careful a driver you...

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Paris Motor Show

Paris Motor Show 2014 gallery

By Pete Barden • October 6th, 2014 • (0 comments)

The Paris Motor Show is now in full swing, with the global motor industry flocking to the French capital for one of the calendar’s biggest and most influential auto events of 2014. From production debuts revealed by our core brands, to the best-looking and most inno...

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Pre-load your smartphone with essential apps for winter driving

Essential winter driving apps for your phone

By Pete Barden • October 3rd, 2014 • (0 comments)

Winter is coming, so there’s no better time to pre-load your smartphone with the apps you’ll need to keep yourself and family safe on the road as weather conditions deteriorate. Follow the Crawley Down Group’s guide to essential winter driving apps....

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Driving and your health

By Pete Barden • September 26th, 2014 • (3 comments)

Driving can be a challenging business on crowded UK roads, but it can also be seriously damaging to our health. Here’s the Crawley Down Group’s guide to 10 ways to stay healthy behind the wheel. 1) Hire-car horror: Do you need to book a hire car? Then you’d ...

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