best used cars for uni students

Best used cars for uni students

September sees a whole new set of teenagers heading off to work and play at university…

best used cars for uni students

Student packing leaves a lot to be desired…

If you’re already feeling the strain of being your soon-to-be student offspring’s only source of transport and dreading the ferrying back and forth to uni, let alone the last night pickups once they’re home for the holidays; getting them set up with their own car could help give them the independence they crave while making it very easy for them to get back home; as once they’re gone, you might even miss them!

Investing in an economical used car for your offspring could have a number of benefits:

–  You’ve got more chance of seeing them as it’s so easy for them to get home.

–  It saves you ferrying them back and forth to their chosen uni; most likely to some far flung corner of the country.

–  They will be independent when they come home during breaks, saving you from becoming the obligatory taxi driver…

–  Having the responsibility of their own car is a great way to teach teens basic car maintenance and the value of looking after a car.

We’ve found six of the best value used motors; all perfect for students about to embark on their heady university days. They are all affordable to buy, cheap to run and easy to maintain, so keep reading for our guide to the best used cars for uni students!

Fiat 500

best used cars for uni students

Cute and super-chic; the extremely popular Fiat 500 makes the perfect car for any style-conscious teenager. Not only is it cheap to run thanks to its small but effective turbo engine; it also looks the part so there won’t be any complaints as they set off for their new life.

Running at an average combined mpg of 68.9, it’s efficient and planet-friendly; it also produces low emissions meaning the road tax bill will be minimal.

The Fiat 500 packed full of safety features; it has seven airbags, ABS and has been awarded a 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP. Euro NCAP independently test cars for safety, so that you can have an unbiased rating of your potential car’s safety features!

The damage: A 2008 1.2 litre comes in at around £5,900.

Volkswagen Polo

best used cars for uni students

Reliable, good looking and great to drive; the VW Polo has long been a favourite of younger drivers. It’s a well-built beast and handles perfectly; it’s also comfortable to drive long distance thanks to its spacious interior.

Getting an average 51.4mpg it won’t cost your impoverished student a packet to refuel, it gets top scores for safety features too; awarded a 5-star rating from Euro NCAP, the Polo is a great all-rounder and will see them long into their graduate days.

The damage: A 2008 1.2 litre starts from £4,400

Skoda Citigo

best used cars for uni students

Compact without feeling claustrophobic, the Skoda Citigo is great for nipping around crowded city centres. Its lower emissions make for cheaper road tax, while it’s small but perfectly formed 1.0 litre engine gets up to 68.9 miles per gallon.

With longer between refuels, there’s less chance of your beloved child running up a huge credit card bill; meaning they can spend their hard borrowed pounds on, ahem, books and university equipment.

Safety is key with this little run around too; it has been awarded a 5-star rating from Euro NCAP and comes complete with side airbags and ABS.

The damage: A 2012 1.0 litre comes in at around £7,260

Peugeot 107

best used cars for uni students

This is one cute little city car; not only does have a chic and cheeky look about it, it also racks up the miles without you having to re-mortgage; on average it gets a cool combined 62.7mpg!

Although its engine may be a little small at 1.0 litre, overall the car feels nippy and is perfect for getting from student digs to lecture halls; it also scores a 4-star rating for safety from Euro NCAP so you can enjoy peace of mind.

The damage: A 2008 1.0 litre starts from £3,900

Seat Mii

best used cars for uni students

Coming in a range of colours, the Seat Mii is a slick and stylish little car that means big business! Like the other options, it is also highly economical; average miles per gallon are 68.9. Its emissions are on the low side so road tax isn’t a huge problem.

It comes with ABS, airbags and rear parking sensors; and like the other cars it has been awarded a 5-star safety rating.

Add to that the on-board computer, MP3, CD & radio and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, the Seat Mii really does make for great value.

If your offspring is a style savvy fashion-ista, then the Seat Mii by Mango is a great way for them to show off their great taste.

best used cars for uni students

The stylish Seat Mii by Mango

Seat have teamed up with fashion brand Mango to create a sleek and chic version of the Mii. Featuring alloy wheels and chrome trims, it comes in either black or nude and goes with everything!

The damage: A 2012 1.0 litre comes in at around £6,700

Ford Fiesta

best used cars for uni students

Cheap, reliable and not bad to look at; if you’re looking for the bargain of the bunch then you’ve found it. The Fiesta has been the car of choice for many a student over the years thanks to cheap running costs and affordable parts.

Although it’s not the most efficient car here, it gets an average combined mpg of 51.4, which isn’t too shabby and makes for pretty affordable refuelling.

The Fiesta also handles pretty well, and scores highly for safety; getting a 5-star rating from Euro NCAP.  A great little run around and the ideal first car; if you’re looking for a no-nonsense first car then this is it!

The damage: A 2008 1.2 litre starts from £4,300

For a wide range of great value used cars; head to Crawley Down Group and get searching for the perfect car!

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