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Top 10 reasons for MOT failures


So it’s time for your essential yearly visit to the Crawley Down Group service centre to get your car’s MOT. Although the majority of cars pass first time with no problems, some fail on some easily rectifiable problems – we’ve put together the most common reasons car’s fail their MOT below…

Most common reasons for first MOT failures

  1. Tyre tread depth below the legal 1.6mm limit
  2. Brake pads less than 1.5mm thick
  3. Headlamp aim too high/ low
  4. Brake discs are seriously weakened
  5. Wipers don’t clear the windscreen effectively
  6. Windscreen is damaged
  7. Registration plate deteriorated or faded
  8. Registration plate lamp not working
  9. Brake lights not working
  10. Washers provide insufficient liquid

If you’re concerned any of the issues above may mean your car fails its MOT, and aren’t confident in your ability to rectify them yourself – why not book in to have the work completed with us before your MOT?

Call our friendly team on 01342 859200 today for more information and to make your booking today.

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We’ve been shortlisted for two awards!

We received some fantastic news earlier this week… CDG has been shortlisted for not one – but two categories at the Motor Trader Awards! We’re hoping to pick up the award for ‘Best Dealer Website’ and the ‘Social Media’ honour.

We couldn’t have got here without all of our lovely customers and fans – so a big thank you for all your support and for continuing to interact with us online on a regular basis!

We’ll be heading to the Grosvenor Hotel on 8th July for the Awards to find out if we’ve made the top spot.

Please keep your fingers crossed MT logofor us – you can find out how we get on by keeping an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

For now though… we shall be hunting for the perfect dress for the do!


Skoda Fabia review

When I was told I would be reviewing a Skoda, I wasn’t so sure it was my type of car. I will admit I had a pre-conceived idea of it being a brand most suited for older people – how wrong I was!

My first impressions of the Skoda Fabia were very positive! Its black roof and window pillars are a different look to anything else I have seen on the market at the moment and it certainly stands out amongst other small cars.

On getting into the car I was surprised again. Although looking compact from the outside, the interior is surprisingly spacious. When I commented on this, our Skoda man Nick informed me they had added 47mm in height to the new Fabia – not a big amount but certainly enough to make a difference. In the back, there is plenty of room also and would definitely fit at least 2 tall adults comfortably. The dashboard and radio controls are quite basic in black but still smart looking and featuring your expected mod cons including air conditioning.

Driving wise, it feels very sturdy and even at higher speeds on the motorway felt very well put – together and I couldn’t feel the wind resistance affecting the drive as I have noticed in some other smaller models such as in the Clio I own. It was quicker than I expected too for just a 1.2 litre engine and handled corners and bends well.

Overall, I would recommend the Skoda Fabia for anyone who is looking for a smaller car with good looks and a powerful yet small engine!


Ibiza Toca Review – Sporty and Stylish

I was very excited when I heard I would be reviewing the Ibiza Toca. It’s a sleek, sporty car which I had been eyeing up every time I walked past the showroom – and it certainly didn’t disappoint when I took it home.

My first impression of the car was how stylish it was. Its smooth lines and daring rear styling made it lovely to look at and my friends all commented on what a good looking car it was! Inside, the car is just as chic. The dashboard lighting is subtle white text on a black ground – a very classy, clean look indeed which is continued through the interior with the leather steering wheel and gear stick, and lovely lighter material on the seats.

Driving wise, I was just as impressed. Its 1.4 Litre engine had a lot more power than I was expecting, and when I was let loose on the motorway, it was quick to thrash through the gears and pick up speed without losing the smoothness of the drive I experienced going at slower speeds. The Toca’s sharp steering also added to the fun – its quick reactions made it great fun for weaving in and out of the local town centre traffic!

Another plus, was how spacious the car was. With plenty of room in the back and boot, and adjustable split folding rear seats it was perfect for me and my friend to get all our shopping in after a very successful day in town – similarly this space would make it perfect as a small family car too!

Overall, I really enjoyed driving the Ibiza Toca, it turned heads with its stylish body but there was more substance to it than just good looks alone – it’s a fun sporty drive.


Fun in the sun with Fiat’s 500C

When I was asked if I wanted to test drive the Fiat 500c for the week I jumped at the chance! After learning to drive a few years ago in the standard model when BSM used them as there learner cars, I was keen to see what changes had been made.

At first glance, the Fiat 500c looks like its hard top counterpart – however on taking a closer look you can see the soft top which stretches from the top of the windscreen to the boot of the car. I was lucky enough to test drive the car when we had a week of good weather, and this soft roof quickly became my favourite feature! You can either have the roof right back, or stop it wherever you want on the way, so on greyer days so typical of the UK climate you can have the feel of driving a convertible without the chill!

The shape and styling of the car is delightfully retro – its bubble like body and curvy lines make for a pretty cute looking car! My car was in a gun-metal grey colour, as unfortunately the pink one I was scheduled to borrow had a new owner already (unsurprisingly due to its massive girly appeal!). Still, the car was certainly pleasing on the eye and I was envy of my friends for the week whilst I had it.

Inside of the car, the dashboard is body coloured and luxurious. Built to a high spec and with a cream leather interior, it was certainly a joy to spend time in the car. It was also surprisingly roomy – at 5ft 10 it’s not always so easy to get in and out of smaller cars, but i had no problem with the deceptively spacious fiat. Boot space was a slight drawback, although big enough to fit a few bits in, I’m not sure how well it would fair after a day of shopping with lots of bags to squeeze in!

Driving wise, the car was certainly quicker than I expected when I heard of its 900cc TwinAir engine. It’s very light and therefore steering is easy and direct. Its compact size makes it agile and overall it was great fun to drive… Especially with the roof down and music playing on a nice day! If I could change one thing on the car, it would be to make the rear windscreen bigger as visibility through it is not great with the roof up – however the parking sensors soon put me at ease when in reverse as a failsafe if I missed anything behind me!

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in the Fiat 500c and would certainly be tempted to buy one of my own! So when summer finally arrives properly, you may well see me driving around in a new Fiat 500c!