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Top 10 reasons for MOT failures


So it’s time for your essential yearly visit to the Crawley Down Group service centre to get your car’s MOT. Although the majority of cars pass first time with no problems, some fail on some easily rectifiable problems – we’ve put together the most common reasons car’s fail their MOT below…

Most common reasons for first MOT failures

  1. Tyre tread depth below the legal 1.6mm limit
  2. Brake pads less than 1.5mm thick
  3. Headlamp aim too high/ low
  4. Brake discs are seriously weakened
  5. Wipers don’t clear the windscreen effectively
  6. Windscreen is damaged
  7. Registration plate deteriorated or faded
  8. Registration plate lamp not working
  9. Brake lights not working
  10. Washers provide insufficient liquid

If you’re concerned any of the issues above may mean your car fails its MOT, and aren’t confident in your ability to rectify them yourself – why not book in to have the work completed with us before your MOT?

Call our friendly team on 01342 859200 today for more information and to make your booking today.

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