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You need to know about new drug driving legislation coming this spring

New drug-driving law that you need to know about

By Pete Barden • January 16th, 2015 • (0 comments)

New drug driving legislation comes into effect from March 2, 2015 – and it’s not just those using illegal drugs that will be affected by it. Read on to find out how the new drug-driving law means your prescription medicines and over-the-counter remedies could res...

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Driving test changes are on the way

UPDATED Jan 2015: Driving test changes you need to know about…

By Pete Barden • January 12th, 2015 • (6 comments)

Big changes are coming to the driving test… find out what could be on the way here… Yes, following on from big changes to the tax disc and driving licence, the next motoring essential to go under the knife is the driving test. The three-point turn could so...

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What to do next if you've forgotten to pay for your Dartford Crossing

Late payment of the Dartford Crossing toll – what next?

By Pete Barden • January 8th, 2015 • (57 comments)

Did you know that up to 300,000 drivers forgot to pay their Dartford Crossing charge in December? This equates to a shocking £21m in fines. Make sure you’re not one of them this month by following the CDG Car’s guide to beating late payment fines at the D...

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Back-to-work checks for your car

By Pete Barden • January 2nd, 2015 • (0 comments)

The holidays are over and many of us will be heading back to work on Monday… but will your car be ready to hit the road? Most of us won’t have stepped inside our cars over the festive period, so combine this lack of mileage with freezing conditions that hit th...

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Don't panic and don't head to the High Street... we've got the Xmas answer

Last-minute Xmas gifts with e-vouchers

By Pete Barden • December 18th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Are you suffering from Christmas present panic? Still got gifts to buy but online delivery deadlines have passed? Sit back, relax and swerve the High Street hassle with our guide to last-minute motoring gifts delivered straight to your inbox with a handy e-voucher. Ju...

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driving home for Christmas

Driving home for Christmas

By Allie • December 10th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Christmas is about spending time with your beloved family; but unfortunately for some, that means a hefty drive on hazardous roads, at one of the busiest traffic times of the year. On average, Brits travel over 200 miles during the Christmas period; so if you’re mak...

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gadgets for mobile workers

Top gadgets for mobile workers

By Allie • November 26th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Mobile working is becoming increasingly common and with technology advancing at quite a pace, working on the move has never been easier. If you are one of the thousands of Brits whose office is their car, you might find you are in need of a little gadgetry assistance ...

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Don't be a victim of bad weather this winter

Winter driving and how to keep moving

By Pete Barden • November 24th, 2014 • (0 comments)

Winter is coming and we can expect anything from several foot of snow to the same in flood water. The question is, though, are you able to keep your family rolling if the worst happens? Here’s the Crawley Down Group’s guide to driving this winter....

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winter car care

Winter car care – get your car ready for the big freeze

By Allie • November 11th, 2014 • (0 comments)

The leaves are falling, the skies are blackening; there’s no use denying it any longer, winter is well on its way. With the colder weather comes the joy of icy roads, frosty mornings and bucket loads of rain; all of which can play havoc with your cars health, and co...

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