Be ready for the winter!

Winter Car Check

Winter Check

There is always an increase in road traffic accidents in the dark and cold winter months. Obviously driving conditions are worse but one of the major problems is that, despite the fact that winter comes every year, many drivers just don’t seem to have prepared either their car or themselves for the poorer and more dangerous weather.

While no one knows what the weather is going to do exactly, if there’s heavy snow there’s a high chance that much of the country will come to a standstill!

Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman of Be Wiser Insurance advises: “It’s as simple as having a few extra bits in your car so that if you do get caught out in bad weather you’re either able to deal with the problem, or comfortably wait it out!”

We’ve compiled a checklist of the items to have in your car to stay prepared for the bad weather this coming winter…

  • A Shovel: Ex-army folding shovels are easy to fit in the boot.
  • Blankets or Warm Coats: having a nice warm winter coat in the back of the car, or warm blankets, can be a lifesaver when it comes to being stuck in traffic because of adverse weather.
  • Torches and Hi-Vis Tabbard: Being seen and seeing can be useful if you’re dealing with a breakdown situation or similar in poor visibility.
  • Large Bottle of Water: Can keep you feeling fresh and focused – especially if caught in a jam for a long period of time.
  • Sunglasses: Will help avoid bright light reflecting of snow and puddles
  • Glass Cleaner: Your heater is often on the de-mist setting, blowing traffic fumes, suspended oil and smoke onto the inside of the screen which quickly builds up a film of grime which is a major cause of glare. Clean your screen inside and out with glass cleaner at least once a week.

Don’t forget your car itself should be checked over too to ensure it runs smoothly during the winter months. Find out about our £19.99 Winter Check here:

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