6 Top Tips for Winter Driving from the IAM

Road safety charity the IAM’s top advanced driver, Peter Rodger has offered his expert advice on what drivers can do to keep safe and well in the winter.

He said: “It can take a bit longer to get yourself going on a cold, dark winter morning, and getting the car going is no different. Give yourself the time to deal with the extra things involved in getting on the road.”

Winter Car Check

Rodger offers six tips to avoid seasonal car problems:

  1. A modern car doesn’t need to warm the engine up before being driven, so you can avoid wasting fuel by not switching on the engine until you are ready to drive away. However, he does advise that if you need to use the heater/demister before you move off, run the engine for a while so you can start with a nice clear screen.
  2. When you get in the car, make sure all extras – like lighting, heaters, radio and the like, are turned off before you try to start the engine. This is because starting puts a heavy load on your battery.
  3. Clean your windows inside and out (don’t merely remove the ice) as a dirty screen will mist up quicker than a clean one.
  4. Using aircon helps keep the car’s air more dry, and avoid misting up. It seems counter-intuitive using aircon in the cold – but it does work! Just remember to set the temperature up, too.
  5. Carefully consider where you park at night. Some places will be less impacted on by ice on the windows because of shelter from buildings or trees.
  6. Rodger said: “Now is the time to check the battery is in good condition that your screen wash has a freeze-resistant additive, and do any other preparation for winter your car needs.

Now is the perfect time to start putting the above points into action to ensure a stress-free winter with your vehicle.

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